The new Policy Support Facility is launched!

January 18, 2021

This unique tool will contribute to create a more inclusive and effective R&I environment for sustainable development in African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries.

As a key component of the new OACPS Research and Innovation Programme, implemented by the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS) and funded by the European Union, the Policy Support Facility aims to boost research and innovation (R&I) in ACP countries.

The OACPS Secretariat is launching a Call for Expressions of Interest to request policy support services.

Policy and decision-makers from national and regional authorities in ACP countries (in charge of R&I and higher education) can benefit from this innovative mechanism to improve the quality and efficiency of their R&I system.

They can get high quality and tailored advice to:  
– address specific R&I challenges;
–  unlock the potential of R&I for systemic transformations to knowledge-led economies that will contribute to sustainable development and poverty reduction;
– foster regional collaboration in R&I.

High-level experts with hands-on knowledge in relevant R&I fields from ACP and EU countries will carry out a broad range of on-demand and tailor-made services.

If you want to submit a request, you will find all relevant information in the following documents:

You can also watch our video for a general overview of the PSF and its benefits. 

To deliver the PSF services the OACPS Secretariat is also launching a Call for Declarations of Interests for experts in different R&I domains. Click here for more information.

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