Call for Declaration of Interest for experts

Objective of the call

The objective of this Call for Declarations of Interest (DoI) is to establish a roster (database) of experts for short-term assignments in R&I policy domains in African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries.

Who can apply under this call?

This Call for DoI is open to individuals with expertise in different R&I policy domains, who shall work in their own personal capacity and not represent any organisation or country.

The activities to be carried out by the experts

The technical assistance for the delivery of the PSF services requires a range of different high-profile specialists in the R&I domain (from universities, research organisations, regional STI organisations …) and preferably also with knowledge of R&I policies in ACP countries.

The experts implementing the services will perform different activities, such as:

– conduct and facilitate meetings with key national and regional stakeholders;

– carry out interviews with officials and main stakeholders (onsite or online, depending on the evolution of the COVID-19 outbreak);

– perform in-depth analyses (quantitative and qualitative) related to the service subject;

– hold meetings with other experts involved in the service to exchange ideas, inputs …;

– provide practical and feasible recommendations (balance of short-, medium- and longer-term recommendations);

– draft documents on national R&I systems (overview, analysis, challenges …).

The number of meetings and workshops, as well as the number of interviews and specific documents, will depend on the scope and objectives of each service. These activities mainly take place in ACP countries, but some tasks may also be carried out remotely.

How to apply?

The Declaration of Interest should be submitted electronically to the following email address:

If you require further assistance in completing the DoI, please contact the PSF Helpdesk at:

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