Call for Expressions of Interest for requesting policy support services

Objective of the call

The OACPS Secretariat seeks requests from national and regional public authorities of ACP countries for the provision of policy support services:

  • to address specific R&I challenges;
  • to unlock the potential of R&I for systemic transformations to knowledge-led economies that will work towards sustainable development and poverty reduction;
  • to foster regional collaboration in R&I.

Why request a policy support service?

  • To obtain high quality and tailored advice to enhance the quality and efficiency of national R&I systems.
  • To get support in the design and implementation of evidence-based R&I policies and strategies.
  • To get advice on developing national R&I capabilities to enable the transition to self-sustaining knowledge-led economies.

Who can apply to this call?

  • national public authorities in charge of R&I (such as Higher Education, Research and Innovation ministries, national councils and committees);
  • regional public authorities in the ACP countries working in R&I are also entitled to submit requests for services to overcome specific R&I challenges at regional or multi-country level.

How to apply?

The Expression of Interest should be submitted electronically to:

If you require further assistance in completing the Expression of Interest, please contact the PSF Helpdesk at:

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